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Audio Haptics

Please follow the following to enable Audio Haptics in macOS

1. Make sure you connect the controller to the mac via a USB Cable and have the Audio Haptics Option toggled ON

2. Search for Audio MIDI Setup for faster results, open Spotlight by pressing Command + Space 

3. On the left side you should see a device named "Wireless Controller 1" with 0 Ins and 4 Outs

4. Click on "Configure Speakers..." at the bottom right of the window

5. Choose the Stereo Configuration

6. At the bottom you should see a Left and a Right, and to the right of them in the channel tab you should see a
    dropdown with 4 different options: Front Left, Front Right, Back Left, Back Right

7. For the Left Speaker choose Back Left

8. For the Right Speaker choose Back Right

9. Finally just hit apply then Done

If everything is done correctly the motors should now vibrate to any Audio playing on your mac

If you want to hear from the Mac Speakers or your headset while also getting Audio Hapics, you will need
a program that can do a
loopback, something like LoopBack and send the audio to both
the Controller Speakers and your Mac Speaker/Headphones